12 August 2015

Yes I am riding

I ride, there is not much to say.

Sunday I wanted to go long , and two joined me but their long was 7am til 1pm.  It was long enough.

What I can say about the "custom village ride"  ?

Always nice people.  In custom we needed oil for our chains as my bottle was emptied.  We got some free oil and were on our way.

Then in Mbuyuni village a lady yelled "welcome for tea".  So she gave us milk tea and white bread.  It hit the spot.

03 May 2015


Masayuki left his bicycle  more than a year ago.  Last week he came to pick it up and brought all sorts of food and gifts for us.  It was very fun to have sushi his first night, and other things the second night.  We have been eating japanese food every other night for a week.

this is some of the food the first night.

Nashesha got involved cooking with Masayuki

the morning he left.

Masayuki arriving in Japan with a box of bicycle and all his touring equipment.  Our only hope is that the box did not carry rats from our store.

01 May 2015

wildlife on a road ride?

Haven't seen wild animals on a road ride for awhile.  There were alot of zebras in the plains 35km north of arusha.

21 April 2015

What do you think about while driving to work ?

Yesterday daughter Nashesha informs me that I have to drive her and her artwork to school, as it won't fit on the bicycle.  So should i drive back home and then ride bike or just drive to work.  I drive to work.  It turns out of be about 30 minutes driving, 20 of it alone.

It struck me how it is kind of non productive.  Stop and go, paying attention to the chaotic jam into town.  How do you put up with this day in and day out?  Listen to podcast? music? plan your day?  The only thing i could come up with was to put this on my blog.

Henri rode past me on his bike commuting to work, never to be seen again.  I find that my thoughts are more constructive bike commuting.

16 April 2015

Drivers, what can we barter with for removing tinted glass windows?

Again I apologise to all drivers that I have ever made wait for me to slowly cross in front of them, or they had to slow to wait to overtake me, or any inconvenience my cycling caused them.

OK is that enough to barter ?

Tinted glass in the front side windows and windshield makes my commute slightly less comfortable.  Granted tinted windshields are illegal even here but they still exist, and the side windows tinting is reaching majority now.  When there is a car with tinted windows waiting to come into the road I have to slow and put my hands over the brakes.  I have no idea if they have seen me.

So what if we remove tinted side windows and I go behind you sometimes?

04 April 2015

Crosses to bear on Good Friday

This cross I find bearable.

The above picture is from Philippe's camera phone.  I have to take the cover off my phone and then still the picture is like this below.  This cross of a lousy phone i find hard to bear.


A few years ago I would measure a good ride was when I saw wild animals.  Today we saw thompson gazelle and as added treat a herd of 50 zebra.  The dust is from zebra.

After a few years I changed the metric to riding far enough until I found non  Kiswahili speakers.  Met some boys claiming they could not speak kiswahili.    

Then last year I started measuring by the quality of interactions with people I met  on the ride.  Talked to some people today.

But today I think I should change it to the WHOA factor.  The whoa factor is when the view, animals, interactions, food break make one say "WHOA".  That was happened over and over until we came to the view in the opening picture above.  Then it was a collective WHOOOOA and a selfie session.

More pics during the "whoa" period.

 I wasn't warned about picture taken and forgot to suck in the stomach.

We rode around Lengijave mtn and down the open grasslands, being pushed by the wind and pulled by the slope.  I was surprised that in a short while we came to the steep escarpment.  It was short because of the wind and the slope.

After stopping at the escarpment we still had some energy so we carried our bikes up a hill on the edge of the escarpment.

Different methods of carrying.

Lots of talk about crosses to bear.

At the top was an old foundation and this view.  Note the boma middle right.  about 280m below.  It was not vertical but steep.

As the day wore on it got hot and there was no shade for stopping under.

Heri of team B+ hunkering down in the wind.  After turning around we had a strong wind all the way back.

Three of us rode around a hill instead of going up and down a hill.  Philippe walked up the hill and rode down and beat us around.  You can make out three riders accross the middle.

I thought these erosion gulley's on the side of the canyon looked beautiful.

and maybe some more random pictures.

31 March 2015

Rain. not a drizzle but pouring rain

Those readers ( should I remove the s) from west coast USA have to deal with rain.  Arusha has similar total amount of rain as Seattle,  however Seattle it drizzles 50% of the time.  Arusha it is completely dry for long periods, then when it rains it pours for 1-2 hours and then it is dry the rest of the day.  Rarely we get a drizzle all day.  In short Arusha gets most of its rain in 20 rains lasting a few hours each.

Which means your chances of getting caught in the twenty downpours per year are slim.

Today I should of left for work at 7 am and ridden dry.  I messed around and as I was thinking of going it poured.

I will post in the building blog about my thoughts while looking at my rainwater management system, as I spent 15 minutes seeing what was happening in my compound,  then it let up to just light rain so I took off.

I wear a bill-less cap and full rain suit when it is raining more than a drizzle.  I take the bill off a cap as it interferes with my mirror.  I now feel naked without a mirror.

It started to rain more as i rode towards center of town.

There are hardly any pedestrians on the road, they are hiding under any building overhang they can find and motorcycles are about 1/10 less and even cars seem fewer.  I remain dry but my face and my feet.  I need to do something about the feet as the water pours down my legs into my leather dress shoes.    On my face as my daughter agrees it feels good on the face.

I can tell people think :
- I am crazy
-poor guy
-why does he have a side mirror on his helmet
- that i am miserable and wet.

I only got wet on my feet an a few spots wear the raincoat wasn't working.

There was water all over but my fenders work good.  Ditches were either half full or overflowing.  Water was pouring down most of the roads coming from the mountain.

My thought was what a waste of all this water, it should be stored or going into the soil where it fell, but that is an opinion not shared by many.  Rain water is seen as a material to get rid of .  My neighbour has a 7 bedroom house, on the 1/4 acre or so plot the house takes a fair portion   and then half is paving stones that send all the rain water and car washing water out onto the road.  Erik being who he is diverts it into a ditch with holes around the garden and it sinks in.  today maybe it reached the last hole.

It was raining enough that getting the phone out for a picture or making a note, so as usual all my great thought disappear as I enter the business environment.

As i pass security check i joke with Security officer " is it safe to enter the building"  he answers "yes if you know how to swim"  It has stopped raining but the plaza is half covered in an inch of precious water slowly making its way to drainage and eventually swollen rivers.

29 March 2015


We planned a father-daughter ride but it was raining at sunrise so we took it easy and then called friends and 3 teenage boys joined us.

we were short on time and ran into dark clouds and rain so headed to Ilboru and visited Martin a retiree who worked for me.